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The Jones Title is an unsigned NYC rock band formed in 2018.  Percussionist Justin Gray reached out to his childhood friend and garage bandmate Brian Detlefs about taking advantage of the rehearsal facilities Gray enjoyed with his role as a teaching artist for Carnegie Hall’s education program.


As luck would have it, Detlefs had been talking with bassist Roger Mulligan about playing together, and Mulligan knew that longtime friend and collaborator Joey Vaughan was looking for a project where he could explore the guitar without the burden of providing vocals. The chemistry was instant, but it wasn’t lost on any of them that after starting at Carnegie Hall, there was nowhere to go but down. 

Three years, many performances and countless hours later, they’re trying to prove themselves wrong by self-releasing an ambitious to double album titled Birkenhead Drill. Recorded at Douglass Recording (Gowanus), GB’s Juke Joint (LIC) and Pencil Factory Recording (Greenpoint), Birkenhead Drill addresses a wide range of topics: disillusionment, aging, disconnect in the connected age, but also the simple joys that come from clarity and acceptance.

They look to answer this question: What role does music have at the end of the world? It’s only fitting that their first single ahead of Part One of Birkenhead Drill is titled





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